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Attitude Talks Episode 1 Empty Attitude Talks Episode 1

Post by Super Aid on Sun Sep 09, 2018 6:10 pm

-- Intro --

-- Begins --

-- Featuring unknown music being played --

-- And several members of ROG --

-- That appear doing the intro --

-- Those featured are..... --

-- Super Girl, Aid, Lacey --

-- Sonic Xavier, Alana Reeves, Desmond Curtis --

-- Eve Star, Soul Driver, SJ Pandora --

-- Cartwright, Ayumi Hiroshi, Norg --

-- Dannii Ryan, Dragon Blitz, Stacey --

-- Paul Thame, Vanessa Dynamite, Big Bad John --

-- Tammy, Tdot Finest, Nicole Trunfio --

-- Par Lay, K O, C-Note --

-- Kid Kitsune, "American Samurai" Max Thomas, CM Chuck --

-- Morpheus, Helena, Mcmohr --

-- Then after the last three members disappear, "Attitude" appears in red --

-- Below "Attitude" and appearing in red too is "Talks" --

-- "Attitude" vanishes --

-- Then "Talks" vanishes a second later -- 20

-- Annie Fong and Mason Keller sitting to Annie's left are shown --

-- Sitting behind a big table --

-- In a studio --

-- Somewhere in Madison Square Garden --

-- The camera focuses in on them --

Annie Fong: Good evening everyone.
And welcome to a brand new Ring Of Glory show.
Which we call, Attitude Talks.
A show in which will have Ring Of Glory personnel appear on it.
To talk about recent events that have been taking place
In which they, have been a part of

-- Mason looks towards Annie --

Mason Keller: Annie

-- Annie looks towards Mason --

Annie Fong: Mason

Mason Keller: I want to know something

Annie Fong: And whats that?

Mason Keller: Who thought it was a good idea?
A good idea to put YOU, alongside me for this new show?

Annie Fong: Whats wrong with this Mason?
I thought you would enjoy working alongside someone other than Frank for a change

Mason Keller: Its good not to work alongside that idiot for once.
But heres the thing.
I don't need ANYONE.
I don't need anyone to work alongside me

Annie Fong: What are you saying?

Mason Keller: I'm saying, I can host this show.
By myself.
All, by myself.
I don't need you here with me Annie.
So get that butt of yours off that chair.
Turn around.
And run along.
I'm giving you the night off.
In fact, you don't need to ever, appear on this show.
Call it me being generous to you

Annie Fong: Excuse me?

Mason Keller: What?
Can't you understand what I'm saying to you?
Can't you understand English?

Annie Fong: I know what you're saying to me

Mason Keller: I was being generous to you.
So let me tell you once more time.
So that this time, its made clear to you.
So that you understand it

-- Mason pauses for a couple of seconds --


-- Annie suddenly opens up her right hand and slaps Mason across the face --

-- Mason's head turns to the right and he holds his face --

Mason Keller: OUCH!

-- Mason slowly begins to turn his head back towards Annie --


Annie Fong: Because you asked for it Mason!
And its not the first time you've asked for a slap in your career!

-- Mason slowly moves his hands away from his face --

-- Annie gets to see his face --

Annie Fong: Bottom line Mason, I'm doing this show with you.
And thats that!

-- Annie slowly turns to face the camera in front --

Annie Fong: So now wrestling fans, it is time.
It is time to introduce the wrestlers.
The wrestlers who are going to appear on this show.
The first, Attitude Talks show

Mason Keller: They better be good.
Whoever they are!

Annie Fong: Oh they are good Mason.
They, are, good.
So wrestling fans, here they come.
They are.....

-- Annie pauses --

Mason Keller: Who?
Who are they?
Don't keep me in suspense.
Bring them to this table already!

Annie Fong: Aid.
And the Glory Women's Champion.
Super Girl!

Mason Keller: WHAT!

-- Aid, Lacey and Super Girl are seen walking towards the table with Super Girl having the Glory Women's Championship belt over her right shoulder --

Mason Keller: Nononononononononono!
This can't be!

-- Aid sits down on the chair next to Annie Fong --

-- Lacey decides not to sit down on the chair next to Aid --

-- Instead, Lacey sits her bottom down on Aid's lap --

-- Aid puts his arms around Lacey's waist

-- Super Girl sits herself down on the chair next to Aid and Lacey --

-- Super Girl puts the Glory Women's Championship belt down right in front of her on the table --

Annie Fong: Well, hello you three.
And congratulations on being the first guests on this new show

Aid: Thanks Annie

Super Girl: Yeah, thanks Annie.
Just one thing though

Annie Fong: Whats that Super Girl?

Super Girl: I can't help it.
I can't just help by looking at Keller's face right now.
And seeing how red it is.
Does it represent the look of embarassment on your face Keller?

-- Super Girl, Aid and Lacey laugh for a few seconds --

Mason Keller: Shut up Super Gob!

Super Girl: What do you reckon Lacey?

Lacey: It was soo funny.
Have you seen how Annie hit Mason's face with her hand?
And his face, his surprised face he made while getting hit was gold.

Could someone from the technical staff show us a slow motion replay?

-- A loop of Annie slapping Mason start playing in slow motion, causing laughter  --

Lacey: Serously, that could become viral on the internet

Super Girl: Yeah.
I couldn't prevent myself from laughing after seeing that at the back.
Annie, you've got a hell of a slap on you girl.
I guess that training you had with Charlotte Kelly a while back was worth it

Annie Fong: Coming from the queens of the slap like you and Lacey are, I'm honoured.
Honoured that you've just said that about me

Mason Keller: The what?
Seriously, this shows becoming the real embarassment.

Aid: It really would be embarassing if this was called The Mason Keller Show

Mason Keller: Shut up Band Aid!

Annie Fong: You said it to me Mason so I'll say it to you.
You can always get up off that chair and run along.
I can manage just fine here

Mason Keller: You?
Manage fine here?
By yourself?
Woman, please.
Someone needs to be here to make sure this show has a chance to become a success.
That someone being me!

Aid: Looks like he is really trying to turn this into The Mason Keller Show

Annie Fong: I wouldn't worry about that Aid.
It won't happen whilst I'm here

Mason Keller: And who are you Annie?
My boss?
My wife?

Annie Fong: Your wife?
In your dreams Mason.
Although being your boss does have an appeal to it

Mason Keller: In your dreams Fong.
You'll never be my boss.
And especially not my wife!

Super Girl: Speaking of bosses Annie, its good to see that the witch is no longer General Manager

Mason Keller: STOP!

Annie Fong: What Mason?

Mason Keller: I'm sorry.
Actually no, I'm not sorry.
I'm not sorry for the fact that I've got a problem with this!

Super Girl: You've always got problems Keller.
On every show you're on!

Mason Keller: Look at you.
Just look at you.
Sitting there.
Running your mouth.
With that belt right in front of you.
A belt that shouldn't belong to you by the way.
For someone like you, surely you don't like seeing people getting put out of jobs.
Seeing people made unemployed

Super Girl: Its true.
I don't like seeing people getting put out of jobs.
Especially those who have been wronged.
Like for example, someone getting sacked for doing something bad which they did not do.
But with Helena, she brought trouble upon herself.
And look where she is now

Annie Fong: Aid, everyone knows why Helena is no longer in the General Manager's job

Aid: Indeed Annie.
Let me make this clear to everyone.
Especially you Keller.
For a time.
And I do mean for a time, Helena was actually decent.
She was a good General Manager.
But heres the thing.
The thing which eventually led to her downfall.
A thing that happens to a lot of bosses around the world.
Something that can get to people's heads.
In the case for Helena, power did get to her head.
And this started when she turned on me.
Then attacked me after a match I had on Attitude a while back

-- Aid pauses for a few seconds --

Aid: Since then, shes made questionable decisions.
Shes put me in two on one handicap matches.
She even put me in a three on one handicap match.
With Lacey and SG here as two of my opponents.
And all this whilst having to put my career on the line each time.
And yet, I came through all that.
As far as I'm concerned, Helena needed to be stopped.
Thats why I chose the match that me and her had on the last Attitude.
Thats why I chose to have it be my career versus her job.
And yet despite having the ref in her back jeans pocket.
Despite having Morpheus, I still came through.
I won.
She lost.
I'm still in Ring Of Glory.
And Helena's out of a job.
Like Super Girl said, Helena brought trouble on herself.
And look where she is now.
Keller, if you've got a problem with anything I've just said, tough!

Annie Fong: Mason?

Mason Keller: Has far as I'm concerned, what happened was a disgrace!
Its a disgrace that you're sitting there right now.
About putting Helena out of a job.
She beat you Band Aid.
She beat you.
The referee counted one, two, three.
Helena should still be in a job.
And you shouldn't be sitting there right now.
The fact that you're not retired is a problem.
And speaking of problems, oi Lazzy!

Aid: Watch it Keller!

Mason Keller: Look at you.
Sitting on your boyfriend's lap.
I bet you would have dumped him right?
If Helena pinning Aid to get the win and retire him had stood, you would have dumped him after the match right Lazzy?
It would have been a smart move on your part.
A rare smart move I must add.
But here you are.
Sitting on Band Aid's lap.
Instead of sitting on that empty chair next to Super Gob.
Whats wrong with that chair?
Why do you prefer to sit on your boyfriend's lap instead of sitting on that empty chair?
Is it because you like living up to your name?

Lacey: First, I would have never bumped my boyfriend, you moron!
And second.. you deserve to be punished!
Hey Super Girl!

-- Super Girl and Lacey look at each others and nod, before getting up --

Mason Keller: Hey you two, don't approach me.
Please, someone help me!

-- Lacey gets close to Mason, raises her hand and slaps Mason across his right cheek --

-- Super Girl gets close to Mason, raises her hand and slaps Mason across his left cheek --

-- Super Girl and Lacey walk away from Mason --

-- Lacey sits her bottom back down on Aid's lap --

-- Super Girl sits back down on the chair next to Aid and Lacey --

Super Girl: That was fun to do Lace

Lacey: Yeah

Annie Fong: Three ladies.
Three slaps.
Its been your lucky night so far Mason

Mason Keller: SHUT UP!
My poor face!

Annie Fong: Well Aid, you got the job done.
Helena is no longer General Manager.
So whats next for you?

Aid: Well firstly Annie, you didn't see what happened after the main event.
What me, SG, Lacey and the fans in attendance did.
Hopefully that will get shown tomorrow night on Attitude.
Meanwhile, theres not been much rest for me.
Been busy this week.
Been helping to train up a young lady called Talulah.
Shes promising, that I can say.
But shes got a long way to go.
She needs to keep working hard.
Needs to listen to advice from the best.
Doing this, she can so far in the wrestling business.
And theres tomorrow where I'm in action again.
Against one of Max Thomas' students.
Kid Kitzune.
Shes good.
Very good.
So will be intersting to see how I do against someone who likes the lucha libre style

Annie Fong: And what about you Super Girl?
Glory Women's champion once again

Super Girl: Let me tell you this Annie.
I've had many great matches in my career.
A lot of those against the two next to me.
I've had a lot of big wins.
Including defeating Drake Reinhardt to win the Glory World Championship.
The biggest title in all of Ring Of Glory.
And to this day, I still hold the record for having the longest reign with that Championship.
Its something I'm very proud of.
Many people would say that victory over Drake was the biggest of my career.
But let me make something perfectly clear.
The Glory World Championship maybe the biggest title in Ring Of Glory.
But this here in front of me

-- Super Girl points at the Glory Women's Championship belt on the table right in front of her --

Super Girl: This is just as important to me.
Not only is it the second biggest title in Ring Of Glory.
Its also the biggest and most important women's title in the entire world.
The fact that I'm the first to have held it two times, is something I'm proud of

Mason Keller: You're lucky to be sitting there and having that belt with you!

Super Girl: Jealousy Keller.
You've always been that.
You can't stand the fact that I was the one who was the first two time women's champion.
Not Alexis Covell.
Now don't get me wrong, Alexis has been amazing for the women's division.
Shes had the longest Glory Women's Championship title reign.
Shes a hell of a competitior.
But the bottom line is, when it came to trying to become the first two time champ at Night Of Glory Fourty Four, she fell just short

Annie Fong: We mustn't forget Alana Reeves in this

Super Girl: No we shouldn't.
Shes another hell of a competitior.
Someone who hasn't been wrestling long.
And she had this streak of never getting pinned.
Nor being made to tap out.
But just like with Alexis at Night Of Glory Fourty Four, she fell just short.
Not only that, but she lost a match by getting pinned for the first time in her career.
By me.
Thats why I'm now a two time Glory Women's Champion.
And lets not forget, I also pinned her in that Ironwomen's match we had on one of the Attitude shows.
So, I've pinned her twice.
But I will say that she will be Glory Women's Champion one day.
She is that good.
But right now.....

-- Super Girl suddenly looks up and stops talking as she sees someone approaching the table --

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Attitude Talks Episode 1 Empty Re: Attitude Talks Episode 1

Post by Johnny on Sun Sep 09, 2018 6:25 pm

You missed Talulah

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Attitude Talks Episode 1 Empty Re: Attitude Talks Episode 1

Post by Super Aid on Sun Sep 09, 2018 6:28 pm

I can always make small changes to the intro at any time
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Attitude Talks Episode 1 Empty Re: Attitude Talks Episode 1

Post by Lacey on Sun Sep 09, 2018 6:50 pm




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Attitude Talks Episode 1 Empty Re: Attitude Talks Episode 1

Post by Cartwright on Sun Sep 09, 2018 9:11 pm

95 lines already see! Easy bonus show! 8)

Cartwright Ring Of Glory Career Highlights
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-Returns to ROG as a Manager (February 2018)
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Attitude Talks Episode 1 Empty Re: Attitude Talks Episode 1

Post by Super Aid on Mon Sep 17, 2018 12:56 am

I've just updated. Exactly 300 lines so far Razz

Pat, its time for you to get involved in this Smile
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Attitude Talks Episode 1 Empty Re: Attitude Talks Episode 1

Post by Patrick Covell on Mon Sep 17, 2018 3:49 pm

Alana: Now.

--Alana Reeves steps into the frame--

--Dressed in her classic leather biker inspired outfit, she came prepared, dragging her own folding chair with her, placing it next to the table, with the back rest turned towards SG--

--She takes a seat, sitting reversed on the chair, forearms resting on the back of the chair--

Alana: Its time for the queen to have a word.

Mason Keller: Nice of you, to join us Alana.

Alana: Shut up Mason, or I'm not just gotta slap the taste out your mouth.
I'm gonna knee your teeth, down your throat.

--Her stare turns to SG--

Alana: Glory Women's Champion.
No, wait.
TWO time Glory Women's Champion.
Kinda a big deal, huh?
A big moment in your career, am I right?
How does it feel?
Does it feel good?
Is it everything, you thought it would be?

--SG opens her mouth, but Alana is quick to jump in--

Alana: Don't matter.
But you better enjoy it, because it is not gonna last.
Helena may be good.
You're meal ticket over there.

--She nods towards Aid, who is clearly not amused--

Alana: He may have driven her away.
But, but, but.
Before he did, Helena made one last match.
Yeah, one last match.
A rematch.
Not for the next PPV, NO.
For this Sunday.
You and me, will square off one more time and its for the Glory Women's Champion.

--A high pitched chuckle can be heard--

Alexis: Did someone mention OUR beloved?

--Alexis Covell wonders into the frame, wearing a plain white top and leather leggings--

--She's swaying from side to side, as she wanders around the table, before easily climbing onto to it, pushing electrical cords away and sits herself cross-legged right in the middle of everyone--

Alana: Great......

Mason Keller:Exactly what i was thinking.

Alana: Did I not tell you to SHUT UP?

--Mason flinches backwards--

Alexis: We just thought, we wanted to join.
I looked like, you were having a party and we just love parties.
Especially, when there is something to celebrate.
And as our SISTER in law, just announced.
There is truly something to celebrate.
The rematch of a lifetime.
We will once again, be in the ring.
The Glory Women's Title, will be on the line.
And we will, reclaim what is truly ours.

[Think its time for SG to join in]

""I may never be the STRONGEST. I may never be the FASTEST. But I work the HARDEST." Rich Froning

1) Attitude Heavyweight Champion [1 Time,Former]
2) Glory Crown Champion [1 time,Former]
3) Arisen Glory Champion [1 time,Former and longest reigning in ROG history]
4) Glory Women's Champion [1 time,Current and longest reigning in ROG history]
5) First Ever ROG Royal Rumble Winner
6) Hall Of Fame Class Of Season 7
7) Hall Of Fame Class of Season 32 as Part of the "Top Guns" with Jason Reeves
8) ROG Hardcore Champion [8 Times,Former]
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Attitude Talks Episode 1 Empty Re: Attitude Talks Episode 1

Post by Super Aid on Tue Sep 18, 2018 10:01 am

Annie Fong: See Mason?
It seems even Alana doesn't like you

Super Girl: Who does Annie?
You know, She may not be showing it but deep down, even Alexis probably doesn't like him

Mason Keller: Shut up Super Gob!
And Annie, I thought I told you to run along!

Annie Fong: Look Mason.
The way things have been going here for you on this show, you should be grateful that I am still here

Aid: Annie is right Keller

Mason Keller: Who asked you Band Aid?

Aid: Obviously not you.
Now, pipe down

Mason Keller: Excuse me?

Aid, Super Girl, Lacey, Alana Reeves and Annie Fong: Pipe down Keller!

-- Alexis sitting on the table, seems amused at what she just heard --

Aid: Right now, I want to bring something back up.

-- Aid is looking towards Alana who is quickly shown looking back at Aid --

Aid: You said not too long ago that I'm Super Girl's meal ticket.
Lets talk about meal tickets then.
What about your husband, Sonic?
What about even your father, Jason?
You know, the one responsible for me not being able to challenge for the Glory World Championship for a few years.
Aren't they your meal tickets?
May you not be where you are today without them?

-- Aid pauses for a few seconds as Alana listens carefully to what he is saying --

Aid: Don't get me wrong, you deserve to be where you're at today.
You're one of the best female wrestling talents in the world today.
I should now.
I've been in the ring with you.
I've had you sat your bum down on my back for what felt like an enternity.
Making me suffer in that Snapper hold of yours

-- Alana is shown with a smile on her face, clearly liking what Aid just said about her sitting down on him and having him suffer in The Snapper --

Aid: And thats just a part of a impressive set of offensive moves you have.
But let me repeat what I just said.
You're one of the best female wrestling talents in the world today.
And I'm sure even the champ next to me would agree

-- Aid pauses as SG nods her head --

Aid: Alana, you were involved in a hell of a match at Night Of Glory Fourty Four.
And come tomorrow night.
Here in Madison Square Garden, I'm sure that you, Lexi and SG will have another hell of a match

Super Girl: Aid is right Alana.
You are one of the best in the world.
Even I have to agree with that.
But to become the best, you need to have whats in front of me.
The Glory Women's Championship.

-- Super Girl stops talking and notices Alexis staring at the belt with a rather interesting look --

Annie Fong: Super Girl?

Super Girl: Having a look are you Lexi?

-- Alexis is still looking at the belt --

Super Girl: Make it a good one.
A really good one.
At the belt that was once yours.
Once being the keyword.
Enjoy every second you look at it.
Right now.
Make the very most of this time you get to look at it

-- Super Girl looks towards Alana --

Super Girl: You have a good look at it too Alana.
You said earlier I better enjoy having this.
Well you better enjoy looking at it now
For every second you're looking at it.
When I said that you're a future Glory Women's Champion, I meant it.
But thats for the future.
The future is not now.
The future is not on the upcoming edition of Attitude.
Because come our match, I will do everything.
And I mean everything, in my power to make sure.
That I go into it as the champ.
And come out of it STILL, the champ.
You may be a future champ Alana but you won't become the champ on Attitude

-- Super Girl looks back towards Alexis --

Super Girl: And you, you won't become a two time champ.
I plan to make sure of that

Annie Fong: Confident words there SG

Mason Keller: More like words from an arrogant champ you mean!

-- Super Girl looks towards Mason --

Super Girl: Keller, do you want another slap?
Do you want to get yourself into the Guinness Book Of World Records for receiving the most slaps in a single day?
This could make you famous

Mason Keller: I'm already famous!
I've been famous for over seven years!
I was famous even before you came to ROG Super Gob!

Super Girl: Whos being arrogant now huh?

Mason Keller: This is not arrogance.
This is the truth!
Clearly something you, Band Aid and Lamey can't handle!

Lacey: Maybe you should take a lie detector test to prove that Keller!

Mason Keller: I don't need any lie dector test to prove it.
And I certainly don't need to prove anything to you!

Aid: Words of a man whos scared of getting exposed for what he really is

Mason Keller: Words coming from a man who shouldn't even be here right now.
From a man who should have been retired by Cartwright a long time ago.
Let alone by Helena on the last edition of Attitude.
You should be grateful Band Aid.
You should be grateful that you barely still have a career in wrestling.
Without those two with you, you would have been finished.
And you know it!

Annie Fong: Guys, I hate to break this to you.
We haven't got much time left

Mason Keller: What do you mean we haven't got much time left?

Annie Fong: As in, this debut of Attitude Talks needs to end very soon

Mason Keller: This show will end when I say it ends!

Annie Fong: I'm just saying what I've been told

Mason Keller: Well tell whoever it is telling you that to say I decide when this show ends!
-- Silence for a few seconds --

Annie Fong: They can hear you saying that.
They also say that they've got the power to fire you!

Mason Keller: What they have the power to fire this show's biggest star?
I don't think so!

Annie Fong: Well Aid, Super Girl, Lacey, Alana and Alexis.
Any final words from any of you?

Aid: Yes Annie.
I have some

Mason Keller: Be quick about it.
I don't want to fall asleep!

Aid: Shut up Keller

-- Everyone is looking towards Aid --

Aid: Fact is, the era of Helena and Morpheus is now over.
Thats the bottom line.
So who will be the next General Manager?
Will there even be one?
I don't know.
But what I do know is that with those two out of power, ROG will be better off.
They brought it on themselves

-- Aid pauses for a few seconds --

Aid: Has for me, I've got Kid Kitzune coming up.
So I need to beat her.
And keep my career going.
After that, theres other challenges that will come my way.
Challenges that I hope to successfully deal with.
Also, I'm thinking of wanting to become a champ one more time.

And since SG is a two time Glory Women's Champion, I like the idea of becoming a two time champ myself.
A two time Glory World Champion!

-- Aid looks out towards the camera in front --

Aid: So Sonic.
Or whoever the champ will be.
When the right time arrives, I'll be coming for that belt.
So get ready!

-- Aid looks away from the camera in front --

Alana Reeves: Big words Aid

-- Aid looks towards Alana who is shown looking towards him --

Alana Reeves: I respect you a lot for what you've done in the wrestling business Aid.
I was a fan of yours before I got into the business myself.
But remember this Aid.
Remember who it was thats responsible for you having to put your career on the line in every match you're now involved in.
Remember who it was that pinned you to become a two time Glory World Champion.
And not you.
Not Mcmohr.
And not Morpheus.
My husband, Sonic.....

Aid: Oh I know Alana.
I know who

Alana Reeves: And you should know Aid that if it comes to it, my husband will not be afraid to end your career forever

Aid: I guess we will see Alana.
We'll see if it comes to that.
If, me and Sonic collide one on one for the biggest title in wrestling

Alana Reeves: Speaking of seeing.....

-- Alana looks towards Super Girl --

Alana Reeves: We'll see if you can back up what you've said here Super Girl.
We'll see if you can back it up in the ring.
I'll be making sure that you won't

Super Girl: Yeah Alana.
We'll see.
We'll see if you do or you don't

-- Alana is seen getting up off her chair, turns around and walks off, disappearing from the scene --

Alexis Covell: Once again, we will reclaim what is ours.
The Glory Women's Championship!

-- Alexis gets off the table and stands close to Super Girl who is looking towards her --

-- Alexis walks past Super Girl and disappears from the scene --

-- Super Girl looks towards Annie --

Super Girl: Whats she mean it will be ours?
Does she mean just herself?
Does she mean her and someone else?
Like, Patrick Covell?
Or should I say, Patricia Covell.
I'm not sure that at least two people can hold a singles title at the same time.
And hopefully, there won't be a chance of it possibly coming to that

Lacey: I've really enjoyed this show Annie

Annie Fong: I have too Lacey

Lacey: Especially with the slaps Keller had gotten!

Mason Keller: OI!

-- Aid, Super Girl and Lacey laugh for thee seconds --

Aid: Thanks for having us here Annie

Annie Fong: You're welcome Aid

-- Aid looks towards SG then Lacey --

Aid: Lets go ladies

-- Lacey unseats herself from Aid's lap to stand up as SG gets up off her chair at the same time --

-- Aid stands up then the three of them walk off to the left and disappear from the scene --

-- Annie and Mason are the only ones left at the table --

Annie Fong: Wow, wow, wow

-- Annie looks towards Mason --

Annie Fong: That was quite the debut edition of Attitude Talks.
Still think you can host this by yourself Mason?

Mason Keller: Yes!
Hopefully, that will be case from the next time this show airs!

-- Annie and Mason look towards the camera in front --

Annie Fong: Wrestl;ing fans, this has been the debut of Attitude Talks.
So from the two of us, goodbye everyone!

-- The camera starts backing away from Annie and Mason --

-- Unknown music is being played again  --

-- The picture turns to blak as the music stops playing and the show ends --
Super Aid
Super Aid

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Attitude Talks Episode 1 Empty Re: Attitude Talks Episode 1

Post by Super Aid on Sun Sep 23, 2018 1:44 am

Finished it Smile

This is over 500 lines long. Does it qualify to be a Kado like novel? Razz

Also, we've got to decide who will appear on the next Attitude Talks show Razz
Super Aid
Super Aid

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Attitude Talks Episode 1 Empty Re: Attitude Talks Episode 1

Post by Lacey on Sun Sep 23, 2018 4:31 pm

Attitude Talks Episode 1 1275298736

Kado-->Attitude Talks Episode 1 1542937530 :> Yes it qualify to be a Kado like novel Razz



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Attitude Talks Episode 1 Empty Re: Attitude Talks Episode 1

Post by Johnny on Sat Oct 06, 2018 6:52 pm

Cartwright should be next

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Attitude Talks Episode 1 Empty Re: Attitude Talks Episode 1

Post by Cartwright on Sat Oct 06, 2018 6:57 pm

Johnny wrote:Cartwright should be next
I dunno man, I'm so quiet and secretive!  Attitude Talks Episode 1 2829010660

((Can't be discussing all my EVIL PLANS openly for all to hear!))  Twisted Evil

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Attitude Talks Episode 1 Empty Re: Attitude Talks Episode 1

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