S44 - S1 - The Return to Boston (Part 1)

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S44 - S1 - The Return to Boston (Part 1)

Post by Dragon Blitz on Sun Jul 01, 2018 9:02 am

-- Camera focuses on downtown Boston --

-- A car pulls up outside a run-down gym --

-- Johnny and Stacey get out of the car --

Johnny: The gym where it all began for me

-- Stacey looks at the building --

-- Then she looks at Johnny --

Stacey: This is where you first started training

Johnny: When I was fighting under the ring name of The Emerald Spyder,

In the beginning I trained under Mickey Jones,

the original Super Icon

-- Johnny looks at Stacey --

Stacey: When did you first meet Alan

Johnny: He and I started off as training buddies,

then as the training commenced,

we ended up becoming best friends,

and tag team partners in The Super Legacy

-- Stacey smiles at Johnny --

Stacey: So Alan was your first tag partner

Johnny: Yes he was,

then we recruited my two idiotic brothers James and Steve,

and off course my (BEEP) twin sister Dannii,

then Mickey retired and handed me the ring name of Super Icon

-- Stacey hugs Johnny --

Stacey: Lets go in and start training

Johnny: Okay then

-- Johnny and Stacey open the door to the gym --

Stacey: The gym needs some maintenance down to it

Johnny: It's hardly been used,

Even thou it's owned by mom

-- Johnny and Stacey look around the Gym --

Johnny: Do not follow skewed signs,

logic leads home.

Somber skies seduce desolate drives.

Surrender to sunset.

Tonight time is infinite.

Lone hills roll endlessly.

Sold souls in exchange for open roads.



for nothing.

-- Stacey looks at Johnny --

Stacey: Well,

that describes the state of this place

-- Johnny looks at Stacey --

-- He also notices a couple of brooms leaning against a wall --

Johnny: It does need a lot of work,

we can start to sweep the place first

Stacey: What with

-- Johnny pointing at the brooms --

-- Stacey then notices the brooms --

Stacey: We better get started

Johnny: Yep

-- Stacey and Johnny pick up a broom and start to sweep --

-- Camera feed cuts --


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