The Super Dream Team footage Part One: First Appearance (ADDED)

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The Super Dream Team footage Part One: First Appearance (ADDED) Empty The Super Dream Team footage Part One: First Appearance (ADDED)

Post by Super Aid on Sun Nov 05, 2017 5:11 pm

-- The tron --

-- Video footage starts playing on it --

-- It shows The Super Dream Team standing in the middle of the ring --

-- Back in two thousand and eleven --

Super Aid: Now, a lot of people may well know who I am.
And where I've been.
And come from.
For those who don't know, let me explain who I am.
I am Super Aid.
And I was recently in another wrestling company.
In which I NEVER, lost a single match.
But that wrestling company is now no longer in existence.
And now, here I am.
Inside a Ring Of Glory ring.
And tonight, I am not alone.
Super Girl

Super Girl: Thank you Super Aid.
Like Super Aid just said, he isn't alone.
I'm here too.
And let me explain who I, am.
I am Super Girl.
Someone who is just starting out in the wrestling business.
And its thanks to Super Aid that I am here.
In this very ring

-- The footage changes to show what happens a bit later on in the ring --

Super Girl: Winning championship gold.
Putting on great matches.
With great wrestlers.
And, making you all happy.
Happy to see what we do.
Thats what The Super Dream Team, is going to be about

Super Aid: Those, are our goals in Ring Of Glory.
Goals that we are super determined, to achieve.
And will achieve.
Not just for ourselves.
But, for all of you.
So get ready.
For a super ride.
With The Super Dream Team!

-- The video footage stops playing then disappears off the tron --
Super Aid
Super Aid

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