The Super Dream Team Limo! (ADDED)

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The Super Dream Team Limo! (ADDED)

Post by Super Aid on Sat Oct 28, 2017 12:05 am

-- Outside --

-- Parking Lot --

-- No sign of anyone coming --

Annie: As we can, no sign.
No sign of them arriving just yet

Sandra: They can't be far off now Annie

Annie: I hope you're right Sandra.

-- Suddenly, a vehicle appears from around the right corner --

Annie: Wait, something is happening now

-- The vehicle gets closer then stops --

-- It turns out to be a blue limo --

-- On the front of it is red letters "SDT" inside a yellow diamond with a red outline --

-- Cheers are heard --

Annie: And it looks like its them Sandra.
The Super Dream Team inside what looks like, The Super Dream Team Limo!

Sandra: Thats a "super" looking limo Annie

-- The back doors to the limo open up --

Annie: It sure does Sandra.
I can see the back doors open

-- Coming out to the left is Aid and to the right is Super Girl --

-- Loud cheers are heard --

Annie: There they are.
The Super Dream Team have arrived!

-- Aid and Super Girl shut the doors --

-- Aid looks very smart in a black suit --

-- Super Girl looks stunning in a red dress --

Sandra: They look great Annie

Annie: They look "super" great Sandra

-- Aid and Super Girl walk away from the limo and approach the arena --

Aid: You ready Super Girl?

Super Girl: I'm "super" ready for one of the biggest nights of my life Aid

Aid: Lets go.
Lets go in there and have a night we will never, forget

-- Aid and Super Girl continue walking --

-- Their backs get shown as they open the doors to enter the arena building --
Super Aid
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