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Almost Time (ADDED) Empty Almost Time (ADDED)

Post by Super Aid on Fri Oct 27, 2017 11:32 pm

-- Sandra Evans and Annie Fong get shown on the stage --

Sandra: Well, the time is almost here Annie

Annie: Indeed.
It almost is Sandra.
Almost time for The Super Dram to officially, get inducted.
But before it happens, we need to bring someone out here.
Not just anybody.
But the person who we discovered at the beginning, who will do the inducting.
Who will induct, The Super Dream Team.
Is everybody ready?

-- A loud "YEEEEEEEEES!" is heard --

Annie: Lets wait no longer.
Its time to bring her out.
The lady who will induct, The Super Dream Team into the Hall Of Fame tonight.

-- Cheers are heard --

-- Which then get much louder as Lacey is seen coming out from the backstage and onto the stage --

-- Lacey looks stunning in her dark red dress --

-- Lacey hugs Sandra for three seconds  --

-- Then she hugs Annie for three seconds --

-- Lacey then approaches the mic in front of here --

-- Shes looks around at all the people in attendance who start up a "LACEY!" chant --

-- Lacey smile as she hears her name being called --

-- The chant dies down twenty seconds --

-- Lacey gets ready to speak --

* Ok Lace, time for you to say nice things about me and SG before you announce us out  Razz *

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Almost Time (ADDED) Empty Re: Almost Time (ADDED)

Post by Lacey on Sat Nov 04, 2017 7:53 pm

Lacey: Thank you everyone,
Thank you to be here,
For all these years, you have been supporting Ring of Glory,
for the best or the worse,
So I wanted to tell you all, how big is my grattitude and thank you. 

-- Lacey take a little pause while the fans applause --

Lacey: Like Annie said just earlier, Its almost time
Its almost time to induce The Super Dream Team
Two of the most important people in my life
To my dear Aid, I want to tell that without you, my life would be incomplete
I appreciate every moments that we spended together
You made me smile while I was sad
You made me laugh when I was bored
You are always here for me when I need you to be on my side
Aid, you are my everyday hero

-- Lacey take another small pause while the fans cheer loudly --

Super Girl, you too you are part of my life
you are always a loyal and honest friend

Your support during all these years helped me and a lot of other people to be better persons.

Super Dream Team, without you guys, ROG wouldnt be ROG
You helped to put that organisation at the top

Super Aid and Super Girl, you are like shinning stars in the sky
You brought what was best of you, 
and you gave the exemple to follow for most of the people here.

Now finally, without making you wait any longuer
I'm calling our two officially induced for the Ring Of Glory Hall Of Fame

-- A thunder of applause and cheers fill the air immediatly --
-- The Super Dream Team are walking toward the stage, shaking hands with fans and friends --

** you can finish it Aidsy Razz **



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